Indrani Roy

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This analysis, using published authentic data, will explore the existing/ guided strategy of the global mass vaccination program to combat the COVID-19 crisis.  It mainly focused on countries that experienced unprecedented deaths in the later period and the period covered is till 21st March 2022. The peak of deaths in later months reached an all-time high since the beginning of the pandemic. Nine countries identified in that category are Singapore, South Korea, Australia,  Hong Kong,  Iceland,  New Zealand, Denmark,  Finland and Japan. Almost all of those countries had nominal cases and deaths prior to September 2021 (vaccine third dose was initiated). Interestingly, all those nine countries had very high vaccination rates and were among the topmost vaccinated countries during the covered period. Israel started mass vaccination first and initiated the fourth dose at the beginning of January 2022; soon afterward, not only cases but also, deaths reached an all-time high. Israel also introduced vaccine doses among children of various age groups first and was in fact, leading or guiding the vaccine roll-out strategy. Gibraltar on the other hand implemented the most successful mass vaccination programme, from the beginning. Gibraltar was the country that achieved the highest target for vaccination at the earliest. It attained and maintained 100% vaccination since May 2021, though cases of the latest peak in March 2022 reached an unprecedented high for the whole of the pandemic. All the data analysed here started from the beginning of the pandemic and was presented using government official COVID tool Ourworldindata. Moreover, cases as well as deaths in later periods among vaccinated groups, were also compared with the unvaccinated ones, for the UK, based on the country’s government report. That indicated an unusual surge of cases and deaths in later periods among vaccinated groups compared to the unvaccinated ones.  Various observed facts, supported by well-known and established scientific theories, indicate that high vaccination may weaken natural immune response which needs urgent policy action.
          There is a strong coordinated effort by vaccination groups all over the world to put an end to the current crisis of COVID-19. The Mass vaccination first started in the UK on 8th December 2020 and soon afterward covered all of the globe. Now sufficient data are available to analyse and compare some results to explore many aftereffects of vaccination. Some influence variables on transmissions of the disease were discussed e.g., mass vaccination, lockdown and seasonality. To address seasonality, similarities between COVID-19 and seasonal Flu are discussed to gain useful insight. Like Flu, seasonality was shown to play a dominant role in transmissions of COVID-19 in the Eu-rope and US. In terms of mass vaccination, adverse reactions after vaccination received attention, as health and safety issues of the general public are of prime importance. Apart from direct side effects, the secondary effect of mass vaccination needs attention too. After the initiation of vaccination programme , almost all countries experienced a sudden surge of transmission and most countries had to impose strict lockdown measures. Many countries, those showed a low prevalence of the disease, suddenly showed a steep jump after the onset of mass vaccination. Some countries even followed a synchronized pattern between the rate of transmissions and the variation of vaccine doses; the pattern seemed distinct with the sudden steep rise/fall in vaccine doses (e.g., countries India, Indonesia among others). In that context, fast mutation of the virus and new variants after mass vaccination and possible mechanisms/consequences were discussed.                        Balanced discussion, critical and open analyses are desperately needed in the current crucial stage. Debating, questioning and criticism are always the foundation of good science and the main pillars to its progress. Following that objective, it is an effort to explore pragmatically, areas relating to the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and the exit strategy via the pathway of vaccination. Policymakers, academics, patients and common people will be greatly benefitted from such critical, transparent and balanced analyses.