August 01, 2023
Anoxia Begets Anoxia: a positive feedback to the deoxygenation of temperate lakes
Abigail S. L. Lewis, Maximilian P. Lau, Stephen F. Jane, et al.
May 13, 2023
Disaggregating the carbon exchange of degrading permafrost peatlands using Bayesian d...
Norbert Pirk, Kristoffer Aalstad, Erik Schytt Mannerfelt, et al.
October 05, 2023
Transitioning from anthropogenic to natural acidification in a humic catchment in Nor...
Heleen A de Wit, Francois Clayer, Øyvind Kaste, et al.
December 17, 2019
Mineralization of organic matter in boreal lake sediments: Rates, pathways and nature...
François Clayer, Yves Gélinas, André Tessier, et al.