July 27, 2022
Solar wind magnetic holes can cross the bow shock and enter the magnetosheath
Tomas Karlsson, Henriette Trollvik, Savvas Raptis, et al.
April 19, 2022
Ion-ion cross-field instability of lower hybrid waves in the inner coma of comet 67P
Elias Odelstad, Tomas Karlsson, Anders I. Eriksson, et al.
June 22, 2022
Mirror mode storms observed by Solar Orbiter
Andrew P. Dimmock, Emiliya Yordanova, Daniel Bruce Graham, et al.
October 29, 2021
Asymmetric interaction of a solar wind reconnecting current sheet and its magnetic ho...
Hadi Madanian, Terry Zixu Liu, Tai-Duc Phan, et al.
March 31, 2021
On the generation of Pi2 pulsations due to plasma flow patterns around magnetosheath...
Christos Katsavrias, Savvas Raptis, Ioannis A. Daglis, et al.