May 10, 2024
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August 02, 2023
Climate energy balance models: two layers, orders, timescales, or regions?
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August 04, 2023
A global ocean opal ballasting-silica relationship
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January 03, 2024
Impact of spatial variability in zooplankton grazing rates on carbon export flux
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December 08, 2022
Extracting information from ocean color
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May 04, 2022
Problems with the shoreline development index - a widely used metric of lake shape
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October 05, 2021
A generalized marginal stability criterion for shear-induced ocean interior diapycnal...
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April 14, 2022
A physical-statistical recipe for representation of small scale oceanic turbulent mix...
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March 12, 2021
Impact of remineralization profile shape on the air-sea carbon balance
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September 23, 2021
Testing the skill of a species distribution model using a 21st Century virtual ecosys...
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October 23, 2021
Sampling uncertainties of particle size distributions and derived fluxes
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State-dependence of Cenozoic thermal extremes
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