February 22, 2024
Electron energization with bursty bulk flows: MHD with Embedded Particle-in-Cell Simu...
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March 31, 2022
Predicting Solar Flares using CNN and LSTM on Two Solar Cycles of Active Region Data
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December 09, 2021
FLEKS: A Flexible Particle-in-Cell code for Multi-Scale Plasma Simulations
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August 02, 2022
Global magnetohydrodynamic magnetosphere simulation with an adaptively embedded parti...
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July 28, 2021
Interpretable Machine Learning to Forecast SEP Events for Solar Cycle 23
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May 19, 2022
Simulation of Magnetospheric Sawtooth Oscillations: the Role of Kinetic Reconnection...
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December 10, 2021
Geomagnetic simulation using MHD with Adaptively Embedded PIC model
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