January 31, 2024
The efficient conversion of H2S into mercaptan alcohols mediated in protic ionic liqu...
Wenjie Xiong, Mingzhen Shi, Xiaomin Zhang, et al.
March 13, 2023
Novel amino acid ionic liquids prepared via one-step lactam hydrolysis for the highly...
Shuyue Wen, Tao Wang, Xiaomin Zhang, et al.
August 01, 2021
Fast and efficient CO2 absorption in non-aqueous tertiary amines promoted by ethylene...
Meisi Chen, Feng Zhang, Xiemin Liu, et al.
July 14, 2020
Temperature sensitive carbon dioxide non-aqueous absorbent: DMEA-EG compound system
Meisi Chen, Xiemin Liu, Kang Liao, et al.