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K-doped CuO/ZnO with Dual Active Centers of Synergism for Highly Efficient Dimethyl Carbonate Synthesis
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  • Han Han,
  • Xue Ye,
  • Jie Yao,
  • Xinhua Gao,
  • Jinghao Yu,
  • Lisheng Guo,
  • jie Li
Xinhua Gao
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The application of heterogeneous catalysts in dimethyl carbonate (DMC) synthesis from methanol is hindered by low activation efficiency of methanol to methoxy intermediates (CH3O*), which is the key intermediate for DMC generation. Herein, a catalyst of alkali metal K anchored on the CuO/ZnO oxide is rationally designed for offering Lewis acid-base pairs as dual active centers to improve the activation efficiency of methanol. Characterizations of CO2-TPD, NH3-TPD, XPS, and DRIFTS revealed that the addition of Lewis base K observably boosted the dissociation of methanol and combined with Lewis acid CuO/ZnO oxide to adsorb the formed CH3O* stably, thus synergistically promoted the transesterification. Finally, the CuO/ZnO-9%K2O catalyst exhibited the optimal catalytic activity, achieving a high yield of 74.4% with an excellent selectivity of 98.9% for DMC at a low temperature of 90 °C. The strategy of constructing Lewis acid-base pairs provides a reference for the design of heterogeneous catalysts.
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