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Supporting Information for "A Magnetorheological Elastomer Based Proportional Valve for Soft Pneumatic Actuators"
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  • Sihan Wang,
  • Liang He,
  • Alessandro Albini,
  • Peizhi Zhang,
  • Perla Maiolino
Sihan Wang
University of Oxford

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Liang He
University of Oxford
Alessandro Albini
University of Oxford
Peizhi Zhang
Waseda University
Perla Maiolino
University of Oxford


This Supporting Information includes: the detailed dimensions of the MRE valves, the dimensions of the four different MRE geometries investigated, and the detailed setup and parameters of the PID controllers used.
Corresponding author Email:  [email protected] 
03 Aug 2022Submitted to AISY Supporting Information
20 Sep 2022Published in AISY Supporting Information