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Comprehensive Analysis on Anomalous Phenomenon of Ethanol-Soluble PVB Membrane for Ethanol Recovery via Pervaporation
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  • Junjun Li,
  • Mi Huang,
  • Ping Wei,
  • Yaqin Zhang,
  • Xuean Zhao,
  • Chunbo Liu,
  • Zhijun Zhou,
  • Lin Zhang
Junjun Li
Zhejiang University
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Mi Huang
Zhejiang University
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Ping Wei
Zhejiang University
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Yaqin Zhang
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Xuean Zhao
Zhejiang University
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Chunbo Liu
China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Corporation
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Zhijun Zhou
Zhejiang University
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Lin Zhang
Zhejiang University
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Poly(vinyl butyral) is selected as a promising ethanol-permselective membrane based the solubility parameter theory, however it exhibits anomalous water perm-selectivity in practical pervaporation process. Comprehensive analysis based on experimental and theoretical methods were carried out to explore the inherent mechanism of the anomalous performance. Firstly, sum frequency generation vibrational spectra and contact angle were developed to quantify the surface reconstruction of membrane in air and ethanol, which indicated that hydrophilic hydroxyl tended to expose on membrane surface with ethanol thus improved the membrane affinity to water. Meanwhile, swelling behaviors proved more water would accumulate in the ethanol swollen membrane. Furthermore, theoretical analysis in terms of sorption and diffusion process, based on the UNIFAC-FV model and Fujita free volume theory, confirmed the mechanism of anomalous phenomenon of poly(vinyl butyral) membrane. The comprehensive investigation was expected to provide insights into the basic separation mechanism of pervaporation process.

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13 Jul 2021Submitted to AIChE Journal
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07 Dec 2021Editorial Decision: Accept
29 Dec 2021Published in AIChE Journal. 10.1002/aic.17560