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Improved Accessibility of Ocean World Geophysical, Seismic, and Magnetic Induction Models Through Python Conversion of the Open Source Framework PlanetProfile
  • Marshall Styczinski,
  • Steve Vance,
  • Mara Niesyt
Marshall Styczinski
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Steve Vance
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Mara Niesyt
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Computational software for planetary science and astrobiology is vital for understanding how complex systems interact, and for the analysis of sparse spacecraft data. PlanetProfile is an open source framework for modeling the interior of planetary bodies, especially ocean worlds, and is available in Matlab. We have rebuilt PlanetProfile in Python to improve its accessibility, as Python is free and widely used in scientific computing. PlanetProfile features such as the calculation of induced magnetic fields and seismic properties permit wider availability of these important tools for research purposes. An upcoming release of PlanetProfile contains the converted and streamlined software. New features such as a graphical user interface are in development that will support new users in taking advantage of these valuable tools.