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NY Stakeholders' Interaction and Feedback on a Coastal Protective Strategy Optimization
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  • Yuki Miura,
  • Kyle Mandli,
  • Heather Lazrus,
  • Rebecca Morss
Yuki Miura
Columbia University of New York

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kyle Mandli
Columbia University in the City of New York
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Heather Lazrus
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
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Rebecca Morss
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As the sea level rises, it is alarming that the threat from flooding induced by tropical cyclones would cause more severe damages to coastal regions worldwide. In order to address this threat, optimizing coastal protective or mitigation strategies is necessary, given limited resources. The optimization methodology must incorporate feedback from stakeholders for practical use. Multiple interviews were conducted by engineering model developers and social scientists with stakeholders who have first-hand knowledge and varied backgrounds in New York. The protective strategies have been tuned to the critical infrastructure's particular and contextual risks due to flood hazards by engaging and integrating stakeholders' knowledge on the interdependency of the infrastructures and other aspects after the first interview. The second interview was conducted for further model improvement.