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Impacts of Tropical Precipitation on the Uncertainty of the North Pacific Subtropical High's Response to Anthropogenic Forcing
  • Kezhou Lu,
  • Jie He,
  • Benjamin Kirtman
Kezhou Lu
Georgia Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jie He
Georgia Institute of Technology
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Benjamin Kirtman
University of Miami
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The variability in summer North Pacific subtropical high (NPSH) has a significant impact on the monsoon and typhoon over the East Asia and the drought over the California. However, the future projection of the NPSH through the state-of-art climate models, particularly those pertaining to the tropical precipitation uncertainty remain unclear. In this research, we explore the connection between tropical precipitation uncertainty and the NPSH uncertainty through both fully coupled global circulation models from CMIP5 and a dry-core atmospheric primitive equation model. We have found that the biased condensational heating released through the tropic precipitation interacts with the NPSH through the Rossby wave train and the Kelvin wave response. The source of the tropical precipitation uncertainty can be potentially responsible for the uncertainty of the NPSH under the anthropogenic forced climate change.