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Researchers Familiarity and Use of Preprint Servers
  • Hannah Qualtrough
Hannah Qualtrough

Corresponding Author:hqualtro@wiley.com

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The objective of the study is to assess the familiarity and the use of preprint servers by researchers to share their work. Data collection was conducted by Wiley through an online survey in May and June 2020. 44% of survey respondents (out of a total of 1,905) indicated they are not at all familiar with preprint servers. Most of the researchers surveyed indicated multiple reasons to upload their research on a preprint server. The most popular reasons were to get feedback on their work (46%) and for faster dissemination of their research (45%). 55% of respondents indicated that they have never uploaded any research outputs on preprint servers. This study and our key findings show that there is a need to share the benefits of preprints and to explain to researchers how servers work.