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Development of automatic data acquisition Web application of distributed accelerometer
  • Makoto Furuzono
Makoto Furuzono
Tokyo Denki Univ.

Corresponding Author:freezemark5166@outlook.jp

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My laboratory is developing an accelerometer. However, if you do not install the dedicated software, you can not browse the data. In addition, since it is necessary to go to the site on a semi-annual basis and collect data due to capacity problems, the current operation is burdened. In order to solve these problems, we devised WebGL that enables high-speed drawing when processing a large amount of data such as Big Data, and a Web application that uses server that can transmit, save, and download acquired data. In this application, an accelerometer and a raspberry pie are connected, and the raspberry pie receives data obtained from the accelerometer and sends the data to a server installed in a laboratory by SCP file transfer at regular intervals. These data specify the location and date from the client side through the Internet browser, download the data using the download function of the browser, read this data on the application and draw the waveform. The data obtained from the accelerometer in the development to date is converted into a CSV file and transferred to the server. These data can be downloaded and displayed on the web application. For the google map displayed on the right side of the screen, it is to make the application more useful by registering the location where the accelerometer was set in the future.