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Teaching Geology in Sé school: some examples of practical activities
  • Gina Pereira Correia
Gina Pereira Correia
Sé Middle and High School, Lamego, Portugal; CITEUC - Centre for Earth and Space Research of the University of Coimbra

Corresponding Author:gina_maria@sapo.pt

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The Geology teaching and learning processes should be carried out through the interaction of different learning environments, inside the classroom and outdoors. Practical activities are a methodological strategy widely suggested by the Portuguese Ministry of Education for the Geology teaching whose aim is to promote the development of skills (knowledge, ability and attitudes) denying the idea that the subjects of this science are complex and far from the students’ academic interests and needs. This work presents some formal and non-formal education practical activities (e.g. laboratory and fieldwork, mineral fairs, national contests), developed throughout the last year in Sé School, a small school in the north of Portugal, with students of the different grades (Kindergarten to high school).