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From heteronormative to homonormative: A new perspective on the evolution of sexual behavior 
  • Jordan Marino
Jordan Marino

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This scientific paper discusses the origins and evolution of same-sex behavior (SSB) in non-human animals. The article offers an alternative perspective to Darwin’s theory of evolution and explains that SSB is a ‘Darwinian paradox’ since it does not lead to reproduction. The paper argues that SSB and different-sex behavior (DSB) evolved together and that heteronormativity, the understanding that male-female relationships are the norm, harms research on these animals and queer individuals. The paper discusses the various definitions of SSB and its relationship to biological sex and sexual behavior. It offers examples of animals that differ from the perceived norm of two distinct sexes. The article emphasizes the need to shift our perspective to view same-sex behavior as normal to prevent bias in future research.