March 09, 2023
A Comparison of Stratospheric Gravity Waves in a High-Resolution General Circulation...
Haruka Okui, Corwin James Wright, Neil P Hindley, et al.
December 02, 2022
Interhemispheric Coupling Study by Observations and Modelling (ICSOM)
Kaoru Sato, Yoshihiro Tomikawa, Masashi Kohma, et al.
August 26, 2021
Formation of a mesospheric inversion layer and the subsequent elevated stratopause as...
Haruka Okui, Kaoru Sato, Dai Koshin, et al.
April 21, 2022
Contribution of gravity waves to universal vertical wavenumber (~m^(-3)) spectra reve...
Haruka Okui, Kaoru Sato, Shingo Watanabe, et al.