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Measuring Burnout in Zoo & Aquarium Professionals: A Comparative Analysis of Demographics
  • Jordan Marino
Jordan Marino

Corresponding Author:jordanemarino@gmail.com

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This study analysed the rates of burnout in zoo and aquarium employees to determine who experiences burnout. Previous research indicates that those who identify as women, LGBTQ+, and/or Black, Indigenous, and people of colour are more likely than peers to experience discrimination and mental health issues in the workplace - factors that trigger burnout. This study examined if burnout disproportionately affects people from historically marginalized groups. Researchers distributed a survey to recruit individuals currently working or who have previously worked at a zoo or aquarium. Out of 616 respondents, 91% reported that they had experienced burnout while working at a zoo or aquarium, and 60% stated that they had left a position because of burnout. Survey participants that identified as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour were significantly more likely than participants that identified as White to leave their positions because of burnout. Additionally, participants who experienced harassment and discrimination in their workplace were significantly more likely to experience burnout and leave their positions because of it. Zoos and aquariums should examine their employees’ experiences with burnout to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.