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Flow behaviors of multi-scale bubbles with porous ceramic membrane distributors: Visualization and Modeling
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  • Zhenli Xiang,
  • Chunyu Yin,
  • Dongchuang Wan,
  • Yebin Zhou,
  • Chaofan Ma,
  • Mengmeng Jiang,
  • Wei He,
  • Yi Liu,
  • Xiao-nian Li,
  • Chunshan Lu
Zhenli Xiang
Zhejiang University of Technology
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Chunyu Yin
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Dongchuang Wan
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Yebin Zhou
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Chaofan Ma
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Mengmeng Jiang
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Yi Liu
Zhejiang University of Technology
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Xiao-nian Li
Institute of Industrial Catalysis
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Chunshan Lu
Zhejiang University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The distribution of gas-liquid two-phase flow is one of significant effects on heterogeneous catalytic reactions. Ceramic membrane gas distributors (CMGD) were applied in improving gas-liquid distribution, and flow behavior of gas as dispersed phase in liquid phase was visualized via high-speed photograph. The average diameters of multi-scale bubbles were measured and modeled ranging from 10-5 to 10-2 m. The coalescence and trajectory of bubbles during rising process were observed, and two typical trajectories straight and spiral types were tracked. In order to inhibit coalescence of bubbles during rising process, internals manufactured by 3D printing were installed in the channel of ceramic membrane. The average bubble size of CMGD decreases 12 % from 392 to 345 μm compared to that of the original CMGD. The CMGD with internals enhances the heterogeneous catalytic reaction performance via providing large quantity of stabile multi-scale bubbles which could match the porous structure of catalyst.
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