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A robust AI Agent-based approach to tackle and prevent Money Laundering
  • Bo Li,
  • Karan Singh,
  • Qi Wang
Bo Li

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Karan Singh
University of Vermont
Qi Wang


The huge amount of bank operations that occur every day makes it extremely hard for financial institutions to spot malicious money laundering related operations. Although some predefined heuristics are used they aren't restrictive enough, still leaving to much work for human analyzers. This motivates the need for intelligent systems that can help financial institutions fight money laundering in a diversity of ways, such as: intelligent filtering of bank operations, intelligent analysis of suspicious operations, learning of new detection and analysis rules. In this paper, we present a multiagent based approach to deal with the problem of money laundering by defining a multiagent system designed to help financial institutions in this task, helping them to deal with two main problems: volume and rule improvement. We define the agent architecture , and characterize the different types of agents, considering the distinct roles they play in the process.