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Tubular MXene/SS Membranes for Highly Efficient H2/CO2 Separation
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  • Mide Luo,
  • Zong Lu,
  • Yali Zhao,
  • Yufei Wang,
  • Yanying Wei,
  • Haihui Wang
Mide Luo
South China University of Technology
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Zong Lu
South China University of Technology
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Yali Zhao
South China University of Technology
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Yufei Wang
South China University of Technology
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Yanying Wei
South China University of Technology
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Haihui Wang
Tsinghua University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Accurately constructing membranes based on two-dimensional (2D) materials on commercial porous substrates remains a significant challenge for H2 purification. In this work, a series of tubular 2D MXene membranes are prepared on commercial porous stainless steel substrates via fast electrophoretic deposition. Compared with other methods, such as filtration or drop coating, etc. such preparation route shows the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency for membrane assembly (within 5 min) with attractive reproducibility, and ease for scale-up. The tubular MXene membranes present excellent gas separation performance with hydrogen permeance of 1290 GPU and H2/CO2 selectivity of 55. Furthermore, the membrane displays extremely stable performance during the long-term test for more than 1250 h, and about 93% of the membranes from one batch have exceeded the DOE target for CO2 capture. Most importantly, this work provides a valuable referential significance for other types of 2D materials-based membranes for future application development.
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