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COVID-19 Death: A Bibliometric Analysis and Review
  • Mohammad Halim
Mohammad Halim
University of Victoria

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Reviewing published articles on COVID-19 and death is the goal of the study. In this review, we conducted a thorough analysis of the literature from 2019 to 2022. To search the literature, we chose the Web of Science database. Every step of the process is documented on excel sheets for more transparency and clarity, and all research is subjected to stringent inclusion and exclusion criteria before being considered. For this bibliometric analysis, a total of 4,746 papers were chosen, and all irrelevant publications were disregarded. PRISMA 2020 is applied to the process of inclusion and exclusion. The findings showed that COVID-19 and mortality variables such as pneumonia, obesity, and influenzas are frequently discussed in the literature. According to the review, the United States has published the most articles of any country that its authors are from. However, several Chinese universities and authors have had the most influence on the Covid-19 and death research. There is room for more study that focuses on regional differences in COVID-19 and mortality.