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Development of database for a conceptual hydrological model for the Indian Territory
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  • Pranesh Kumar Paul,
  • Ashok Mishra,
  • Rajendra Singh,
  • Niranjan Panigrahy
Pranesh Kumar Paul

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ashok Mishra
Rajendra Singh
Niranjan Panigrahy


Database is the part and parcel of the conceptual hydrological model which is being developed solely for the Indian Territory with an objective of water resources assessment and sustainable management. Inputs, outputs and other information in details are stored in the database (both static and dynamic). The model has 5 km X 5 km grid cells and properties at the center of a cell have been taken as the properties of that cell for hydrological estimation purposes. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the database (relational database) of the model has been developed in Java programming language. Data import, storage and visualization have been done using open source software, namely MySQL, and robust Structured Query Language (SQL). The database works as a limitless container of data, whether the other models' databases have (e.g. database developed with MS Access) this limitation. All the data, planned to be used in the model, are satellite imageries and are updated into the database as time series. The database is easily accessible and editable in comparison to other models' databases. The database consists of nine files namely master database, LULC data, soil data, time series data table, time series input table, time series output table, CN table, outlet table and output table at outlets. The database has been planned to support the idea of capturing the spatio-temporal complexity of the hydrologic system. This type of database can be a new path opener in the research on hydrological model development.