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Thermal and Combustion Behaviors of Aluminum/ Manganese Dioxide/ Fluoroelastomer Terpolymer Nanothermite
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  • Jiaxing Song,
  • Fei Duan,
  • Guannan Wang,
  • Quanwei Tian,
  • Jingkai Feng
Jiaxing Song
Xi’an Rare Metal Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fei Duan
Nanyang Technological University
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Institute of Defense Engineering, AMS, PLA
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Guannan Wang
Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute
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Quanwei Tian
Xi’an Rare Metal Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.
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Jingkai Feng
Xi’an Rare Metal Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.
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Fluoroelastomer has received increasing attention for energetic materials application due to its high fluorine contents. Different contents of poly(VDF-ter-HFP- ter- TFE) terpolymer are added into Al/MnO2 nanothermite. The peak exothermic temperature of thermite reaction for Al/MnO2 system is about 554 oC with 1070 Jg-1 heat release. After adding terpolymer, it mainly exists in the gap among Al nanoparticles and MnO2 nanorods, and can react with Al and MnO2 at the range of 350 oC to 540 oC before the occurrence of thermite reaction. 10wt% terpolymer has relatively little effect on the thermite reaction, and for the samples with higher terpolymer content, more nanothermite components reacts with terpolymer at early stage. Ignition and combustion performance show terpolymer can reduce ignition energy threshold by up to 9.82% and increase combustion duration time at least several times. The potential reasons for above results are analyzed. This work can shed light on application of fluoroelastomer in energetic-materials.
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