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The Connection between Breast Cancer and Microbiome Composition
  • Amin Foroughi Nezhad
Amin Foroughi Nezhad
Corresponding Author: Faculty of Basic Sciences, Department of Biological Science, Semnan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Many of the microorganisms that compose the microbiome of human are favorable or even helpful to the host's health, and this group play a crucial part in the body's physiological functioning. A number of microorganisms, meanwhile, have been related with cancer and other disorders defined mostly by abnormal inflammation and are thus thought to be harmful to human welfare. Cancer is only one of several diseases that may develop as a result of dysbiosis, a microbiological disequilibrium in which hazardous bacteria species compete effectively harmless bacteria. The skin microbiome, the urogenital microbiome and the gut microbiome, are especially clearly defined, although the microbial diversity differs between body locations. Nevertheless, there is little knowledge about the human microbiome and about the way, it relates to both healthy and diseased breasts. According to a variety of research, breast tissue has a unique microbiome, with certain types being elevated in the tissue alone; along with in the gut and nipple aspirate microorganism of the breast cancer patients. In addition, the breast microbiome and its surroundings can influence the treatment reaction and function as conceivable biomarkers in the detection and evaluation of breast cancer at any stage.