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Study on the runoff sediment transport rate of two planting modes under the influence of rainfall
  • Dongdong Wang
Dongdong Wang
Dezhou University

Corresponding Author:1534849533@qq.com

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:In order to explore the impact of ecological planting pattern on runoff sediment transport rate(T 2), this study in two planting modes with a single planting of Prunella vulgaris (A) and P. vulgaris and earthworms (B) were investigated through simulated rainfall experiments in the field. The results showed that: 1) T 2 decreased first and then stabilized with the rainfall duration,which is dominated by the composition of soil particle size and runoff depth;2) T 2 under gentle slope and steep slope conditions is greatly affected by rainfall intensity and slope, respectively; 3) T 2 ,which has a good correlation with runoff separation rate (D 2), needs to be explained in conjunction with soil properties or raindrop kinetic energy. The main controlling factors of T 2 in bare slope, B, A are raindrop kinetic energy, D 2, and organic matter, which explain 93.10%, 95.76%, and 98.65%.Compared with B, A has obvious economic and ecological value.