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The origin of the mysterious multi-country monkeypox outbreak in non-endemic countries
  • Paul Ola
Paul Ola
Institute of Theoretical Biology and Medicine

Corresponding Author:paulolatheorist@gmail.com

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Logical deductions from experimental data have been unable to explain the origin of the current monkeypox outbreaks in multiple countries. But upon illustrating the reality in which these outbreaks occur, it was found to be that in which different diseases of the same immunological nature, the nature that permits them to be rendered asymptomatic simultaneously without the elimination of their different causes, appear simultaneously when conditions that permitted immune mechanisms to bring about such protection disappear. An outbreak of such immunologically equivalent diseases therefore does not require the spread of those that are pathogens among the causes of such diseases to occur. And the manifestations of such diseases will become widespread in a population when factors that cause the disappearance of conditions that permitted them to be rendered asymptomatic by immune mechanisms become widespread in the population. If we will escape the threat that the catastrophically widespread appearance of manifestations such as Ebola and malignancies will pose to our species, our topmost research priority ought to be the immunological nature of the pathological effects of the pathogens that are linked with them.