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Investigating hypoxia in a climate change scenario in a region of upwelling
  • Matheus Fagundes,
  • C. Brock Woodson,
  • Sorush Omidvar
Matheus Fagundes

Corresponding Author:mf99274@uga.edu

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C. Brock Woodson
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Sorush Omidvar
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Increasing CO2 in the ocean leads to warming, reduced pH (ocean acidification), and lower oxygen content in deeper ocean waters. Warming, ocean acidification, and hypoxia in deep ocean waters can have important consequences for nearshore marine ecosystems especially for regions with seasonal upwelling such as the California Current. In these regions, seasonal upwelling combined with internal waves brings low pH, low oxygen waters into nearshore reefs where animals are exposed to intermittent stressful conditions. We compared exposure between present-day and future climate scenarios (RCP85) using ROMS coupled with a biogeochemical model.