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Building software documentation for community engagement: lessons learned with OGGM
  • Fabien Maussion
Fabien Maussion
University of Innsbruck

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The Open Global Glacier Model (http://oggm.org) is an open source modelling framework, helping various research groups to simulate and understand mountain glacier change at the regional or global scale. OGGM is modular, which means that we encourage users to develop their own physical parameterizations while staying compatible with the OGGM workflow. To achieve this goal, we need OGGM to be easy to understand, install, apply, and extend. In this presentation, I will talk about how we make use of the wealth of open-source tools available in the python and Jupyter ecosystems to provide an online documentation platform for OGGM. Our documentation combines text with interactive examples that run in your web browser, avoiding the typical installation and data download burden for newcomers. With selected examples from the collaborative educational content platform OGGM-Edu (http://edu.oggm.org), I will show how anyone can apply these ideas and tools to their own documentation or outreach project. Finally, I will talk about some of the challenges faced by the OGGM project in its pursuit of becoming a community model. With the increasing pressure on geoscientists who have to learn new complex technologies while navigating the “publish or perish” career model, the growing demand for better open science practices can be a blessing as well as a curse for many early career scientists.