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Mosquito Attraction Research
  • Dominic Lampo
Dominic Lampo
AGU with NASA Stem Enhancement and Earth Science Highschool Internship

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mosquitoes in recent years have increased greatly in numbers due to the rapidly changing climate and rising temperatures. With this change comes suitable habitats for mosquitoes which are the most efficient killers in all of the animal kingdom due to the number of death from mosquito-borne diseases. If we were able to pinpoint the certain areas that mosquitoes are most attracted to we could in theory slow or even prevent the spread of mosquitoes. In our project, the research was conducted to find a correlation between the color and size of the traps to the amount of mosquitos that are present. With our findings, we were able to conclude that the bigger the traps, the faster the mosquitoes would be attracted to that area. We also found that the different traps would hold similar densities of mosquito larvae per square inch.