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Forward simulation and characteristic analysis on the low field NMR transverse relaxation response of fractured shale reservoir
  • Xinmin GE
Xinmin GE
China University of petroleum (east china)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nuclear magnetic resonance technology can be used to simulate the T2 spectrum distribution characteristics of different fracture parameters of fractured shale. Based on scanning electron microscope data of lacustrine shale strata, a petrophysical model of fractured shale is established, and the shapes of pores and fractures are simplified into spheres and ellipsoids, respectively. According to the aspect ratio of the ellipsoid and the log Gaussian function to control the crack shape. The simulation results show that the NMR response of fractured shale is unique, which is related to fracture shape, fracture width and fracture density. The fracture width has a greater influence on the T2 spectrum distribution of fractured shale. With the increase of the crack width, the T2 spectrum distribution shows a “double peak”-“single peak”-“double peak” trend. As the crack density increases, the T2 spectrum distribution changes from “single peak” to “double peak”. The shale model with needle-shaped fractures contributes the most to the connectivity of the pore-fracture model, and the shale model with pie-shaped fractures contributes the least to the connectivity of the pore-fracture model.