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Tiny flying box: A study of upper sky things very close and very far away from each other.
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  • Alexa Halford,
  • Jeffrey Klenzing,
  • Sarah Jones,
  • Ryan Davidson
Alexa Halford
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jeffrey Klenzing
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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Sarah Jones
Goddard Space Flight Center
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Ryan Davidson
Utah State University
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A few friends from the big US space place, and two places where people get lots of learning, have started putting together a tiny flying box. This box will look at the tiny bits we can not see in the upper sky. We hope to learn why we see places where the tiny bits of the sky come together in large numbers and other places where the tiny bits try to get as far away from each other as possible. But before we can learn how and why parts of the sky come close together and sometimes far away from each other, we need to finish building our tiny flying box. Then our tiny box will go on a bit up goer to visit where people live in the sky. It will sit there until they have time to push it out and send it on its way around the world. We hope that our tiny flying box will stay working in the sky for at least 6 months. While this is not a long time, our short-lived tiny flying box will help us better understand the upper parts of our sky.