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Seismic sensors for global seismic monitoring and earthquake research in Armenia
  • Jon Karapetyan
Jon Karapetyan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the field geophysical instruments, various seismic sensors (an accelerometer, a velocimeter) and auxiliary equipment in the form of recorders (loggers) have been designed, which provide wireless information transfer to the data collecting and processing center. On the basis of these, instrumental earthquake observation systems have been developed to ensure the integrated security of critical facilities. These systems can be transformed to control global seismic monitoring of the territories, dams, also facilities of critical importance such as nuclear power plants, bridges, tunnels and technological pipelines for chemical and oil-processing plants. The report presents the technical characteristics of the above mentioned instruments and the possibilities of their wide application in different countries. Additionally, monitoring of seismicity of Armenian regions is implemented for the earthquake research.